Harp & Pipe

A Celtic Music Experience


Formed in the autumn of 2002, Harp & Pipe has found its niche in live Celtic music performance.  Comprised of Harper Rita Hamilton and Piper Rob Lockwood, this duo is available to perform for weddings and other special events in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina.  Rita and Rob are also available for solo performances.


The sweetness of Rita’s Celtic Harp combined with the mellowness of Rob’s Scottish Smallpipe or the stirring sound of his Great Highland Bagpipe lends just the right effect.  Whether used as background music or as the primary focus, Harp & Pipe will help set the proper mood and will make any event one which will long be remembered.









Rita Hamilton

Celtic Harper


Rita Hamilton plays the lever harp and the Clarsach.  Clarsach is the Gaelic name for harp.


Rita studied harp with Elisa Dickson, the former principal harpist with the Virginia Symphony.  She now studies lever harp with Sue Richards, three-time winner of the U.S. National Scottish Harp Competition, and studies wire strung harp, the oldest of the harps, with Cynthia Cathcart, the two-time winner of the U.S. National Scottish Harp Competition.


Rita competes in Scottish harp competitions at Scottish games and has won at events in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.  She won the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games award for the most promising harper and is now their Director for Scottish Harp.


Rita has received the Clan Douglas award and is the first competition recipient of the Jan Pennington Gray award for harp.  In 2001 she was the recipient of the Council of Scottish Clans of America (COSCA) Ethel MacNeal scholarship.  She received the Scot of the Year (2003) award from the Saint Andrew’s Society of Williamsburg.


Rita has participated in master classes with Ann Heymann, the well-known wire strung harper, and with Alison Kinnaird, the foremost harper in Scotland.


Rita volunteers her time at the Rehabilitation Center, playing in patients’ rooms.  She also performs locally throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia.


For more information or to book an engagement, contact Rita at:  CelticHarp@cox.net

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